We are thrilled to have received numerous mentions from satisfied customers and celebrities alike. We take pride in our products, and it is an honour that over 40 celebrities have testified about their quality. Their testimonials inspire us to continue providing high-end products and excellent service to all our customers.

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The bag was so beautifully made that I immediately knew that it was a handmade gift. I was so amazed that someone put so much thought and effort into making this gorgeous bag just for me.
Jenny esber
It's a great accessory to wear with my outfits as an actress. The handbag is really unique and well-crafted, showing lots of love and time put into it. I've gotten plenty of compliments on it already, and I've only used it once.
Amal Arafa
The attention to detail from the stitching to the materials used is truly remarkable. I appreciate the time and effort you put into Le Ciel
Ranim Alhachem
Thank You Le Ciel for the beautiful and special gift all the love.
Shoukran Mortaja
Thank you, Le Ciel, for providing such a high-quality and beautiful bag.
Sandra Douna

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